Thursday, January 20, 2011


Coolatude (not to be confused with Coolitude please) is a word I read somewhere on the interwebs (this word is growing on me) which I think is the combination of the word Cool and attitude. But who really cares about the origin because what it really is used for is to describe a kind of coolness only rare individuals possess of. When you have coolatude you are so cool that the coolness that comes from your eyes can cause things to explode. For this reason you are cursed to wear your sunglasses all the time, even at night and in the metro!

My friends, coolatude is hard to find and when you do meet someone that possess of such, you should cherish it indeed.  Because coolatude should be shared I will share this video of my course director and professor in Curatorial studies with you. I know you don’t understand him but coolatude needs no translation. BASK IN THE COOLATUDE!!!


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