Saturday, May 28, 2011

The MACHINE must go on.

Despite my good intentions to post regularly and to keep this blog entertaining and as informative source of my well-being to the people back home, the usual thing which is called life happened. Romantic-visions-of-living-in-a-different-country aside, it still becomes your life at some point and then the usual things prevail. Responsibility, friendships and having to eat, sleep and wash your clothes every now and then exists whether you do it in English, Afrikaans or Italian. My life here is pretty full, so here is only a short update of my well-being in list format.

1.  I got a bicycle, its improving my faith in God, I have to pray often because Italians drive like assholes. I love it though; I get to school way faster. I haven’t fallen with it yet.  It has a bell and a basket and the breaks function properly. I love not having a car, I love being outside.

2.     It was my birthday in May, I am now 27, I have not yet grown up properly. The day itself was pretty eventless, but the day before I had a picnic and rode around on my bicycle wearing banana underpants on the outside.

3.     Yes, parents I do eat well, despite my laziness to cook, small budget and affinity to eat too much sugar, I manage to get all the food groups into my diet. I do not seem to have lost weight or gained too much either.

4.     I have become a coffee addict. Un cafe macchiato per favore!!!

5.     Exams is in three weeks. WHAT!! YES!!! And then I am sitting here writing a blog when I am supposed to read Deleuze.

6.     We are working on tons of projects at school. School itself is a godless learning MACHINE, but we are making it work for us.

7.     I got to redo a performance called “Wearable Chairs” by Gianni Pettena. Also got to meet him. We learn a shit load of the 60’s and 70’s and art.

8.      I am making art (or trying to). My room is a mess in the process. Also making a huge sculpture with Edith and Leah (pictures will be posted once it’s done).  Love working with them. We get each other’s humour. We laugh a lot. A LOT!!! Love them. Good friendships are founded on humour I think.

9.     We are organising an exhibition - check it here.  Working with 30 students, no joke. Makes me swear in all 3 languages I know. Also NABA doesn’t clean the spaces for us, so we were carrying heavy stuff and doing cleaning. My body is in pain today. On the upside of this, I got to see skinny Italian men, wearing skinny jeans carrying heavy things. The relationship between muscle, weight and body mass defied all scientific logic when you see a skinny slightly feminine boy carrying something which is twice his size (it’s the small things in life which delights me).

10.  Summer is here and it is hot. I get to wears skirts. Sun cream is really expensive here. I have gotten a tan (or at least for my white skin, something which resembles a slight colour). GELATO is fantastic, and I am addicted to cappucio freddo  - milk on ice topped with espresso.... ja ja

11.  Oh yeah, going to the VENICE BIENNALE ja ja ja!!

Ok, thats that. Oh, yes also my English grammar and spelling is deteriorating, and I have not time to edit things. I am dealing with it. 

I hope to update at some point with pictures and anecdotes. But right now I am off to school to hang up our exhibition.


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