Thursday, July 28, 2011

Berlin: First Impressions

- At the Berlin Wall -

One great thing about living in Europe is that it is so easy to travel around. With our summer holidays here I am taking the free time to do just that. This pas week I met up with my best friend in Berlin. After everyone has told me about how amazing the city  it it seemed right to go see for myself.  

My  besty Lise and  I met up at our hotel as we both got to Berlin  at night.  My flight got delayed which got me arriving at the hotel at 1 am. The excitement when two friends who have not seen each other in a few months  is one magical thing that this earth offers us, and so it was for us. Having too much to talk about (as it goes one always ends up talking in the dark) we ended up falling asleep just before dawn. We arose the next morning after the cleaning lady knocked on the door. We rushed to finish considering the fact that we are in another city and fought of the rain and freezing wind like true determined tourists. Like all typical tourists we headed for the centre first.

 Berlin is a big city and not easy to immediately get a feel for, this is especially true for the centre which has big modern buildings and wide streets. It was pouring down and so cold and we have not yet had breakfast, this made us feel unwelcome in the city at first. We rushed in to a place that offered food and tea and after that we rushed towards ZARA who had a sale to see if we can find perhaps another jacket. Warmer and fed we  felt more courage to trump the weather and go see what the city had to offer.

Berlin can seem very grey at first, there is the Holocaust Memorial, a beautiful land art piece but kind of depressing, then you find Check Point Charlie and the remains of the Berlin wall. This combined with bad weather was about enough that we could take and we ended our day with a piece of cake and tea at a Starbucks of all places. The cake did not disappoint. After that we accidently stumbled across the area around Alexanderplatz and Hackescher market where you find the Dome and the museums and green gardens. Even in the greyness we were convinced, we actually do like Berlin. We ended our day in our hostel room with Prosecco and a kebab and  with the good conversation and giggles only a best friend can offer...


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