Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quick Berlin Guide

This is a little late but I've been away, but here it is :)

Berlin is a big city and not easy to immediately get a feel for especially when staying only a few days. With big modern buildings and wide streets and a very extensive public transport system it can be quite overwhelming at first,  if it rains it can be grey and with its history a little heavy; but with some wanderlust and some tips from people who know something one will definitely discover what everyone is going on about.  I decided to write a little quick Berlin guide to narrow it down at least a little bit 

1.        All trips is better when done with a partner in crime –  a besty  is the best travel companion and can  turn even the grey days into fun.

2.       Cheap accommodation – a trip always feels more successful when the accommodation offers value for money, in this case we felt very content with our hostel Amstel House. One gets a double room at 17.50 euro  p/p a night, with clean facilities, very sociable  foyer and bar. It is situated in the more quiet Alt-Moabit area and is close to a metro which makes it easy to get around.  

3.       Do pack an umbrella and a coat, it was in the middle of July but we had two days of cold wet weather.

4.       Kreuzberg, a hip, grimy area with quaint cafe’s, vintage shops and design and fashion concept stores. The most people here dress in vintage and that weird mix of trashy  I would compare to the band Die Antwoord.  In this area you can find all the things deemed cool on hipster blogs: old records, vintage, craft, design posters and cafe’s with mismatched antique furniture.  We were particularly drawn into one which also happened to show a Bollywood film in the background.  It is also close to the area Friedrichsplein which is full of nice places to dine and has beautiful trees.

5.       Mauerpark market – where you can find amazing second-hand clothes and stuff. I for instance found the knitted waistcoat for 3 euro, leather bag for 8 euro and this very different necklace .

6.       These paintings by Caspar David Friedrich at the Alte Nationalgalerie.

7.       Berlinishce Galerie for contemporary art and also to go see a permanent collection of the Fluxus movement.

8.       While going to the Alte National Galerie also go hang around in the park at the Berlin Cathedral. Such a beautiful place.

9.       Hamburger Bahnhof museum – lots of art which can be considered the start of contemporary art as we know it today.

Ps: Stole some layout from Miss Moss, although mine is slightly cluttered in comparison, love that blog.


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