Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An exhibition in Pavia

One of my favourite things of living in here in  Milan is being able to attend a lot of exhibitions and see art that I never would be able to see back home.  It is also so easy to hop on a train and go to the neighbouring city just for an interesting exhibition. Today me and Edith went to see the exhibition on Degas, Lautrec and Zando in Pavia at the Visconteo castle. A lady the other day asked at school how many exhibitions on impressionist and post-impressionists do we really need? But after seeing this exhibition today I think one can say for certain that we should always be able to see these works. There were a whole series of the circus lithographs and scetches by Lautrec  which really just reminds  you about the power of a good drawing.  Such simple drawings that tells a great story and makes you feel quite happy just by looking at it.  These are not the best of images, but I was trying to take them sneakily as it wasn't allowed to take pictures. 


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