Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chic winter girls

Europe in general have been incredibly cold these last two weeks, in fact they say that Italy is experiencing one of its coldest winters in 30 years. I also happened to be in Berlin for one of the coldest weekends ever, I think at one point it was about - 18'degrees or something.  All I know is the weather made me feel hysterical  for most parts of my weekend. What fascinated me most was how the Berlin girls managed to look so chic even in the coldest of weather. I of course was the opposite of winter chic, I piled on everything  I had in my suitcase. I call the look yeti-chic, the many layers causing me to also walk like one too. Winter 1: Edna 0

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Middle of the winter

Snow arrived late this year in Milan, but it has arrived, and for the past two days it has been snowing continuously. I can not get over how beautiful it is, flakes so soft and whimsical, and then the whole world covered in white.Since it it only like the third time ever in my life that I experience snow I went out, prodded through the snow  and made a snowball. Fresh snow is soft, its wonderful.   

2012 here we are!!!

Wow, my first post for 2012. Where have I been, its 1 February today? Well after a wonderful Christmas back in my homeland South Africa with family and friends (where the most activity lifting my hand to lift my glass of wine) I am back in Milan and preparing for exams,  a thesis proposal,  a trip to Berlin this weekend to go to this exhibition that the dear Carlo Spiga  is apart of. I hope I can take pictures of some of it.  I am a little bit scared though, they say it is going to -10 degrees. So while we knee deep in winter here, I will relish for a few minutes the summer days on South western coast of South Africa.  Buon Anno everybody!!!!