Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chic winter girls

Europe in general have been incredibly cold these last two weeks, in fact they say that Italy is experiencing one of its coldest winters in 30 years. I also happened to be in Berlin for one of the coldest weekends ever, I think at one point it was about - 18'degrees or something.  All I know is the weather made me feel hysterical  for most parts of my weekend. What fascinated me most was how the Berlin girls managed to look so chic even in the coldest of weather. I of course was the opposite of winter chic, I piled on everything  I had in my suitcase. I call the look yeti-chic, the many layers causing me to also walk like one too. Winter 1: Edna 0


mimì chanel said...

mi piace molto il tuo blog:)

Edna said...

Grazie Michy <3

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