Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome Spring!!!

Finally March is drawing to a close and I cannot be happier. I despise February and March! The winter just becomes too long, the Naviglio  (the canal in the street close to where I stay) is just empty and disgusting, revealing everything that people dump in it, including a stench which makes the daily walk to school quite nasty. March also seems to be the month of homesickness, me and my fellow foreign student friends all felt quite down and out in these days. With lots of classes and lots of pressure, everyone seemed just a little bit on the edge lately.

But now spring starts to settle in here in the Northern hemisphere, and the trees start to show little buds of green, while the hedge down below my apartment is covered in yellow flowers.  The weather allows for strolls outside and wearing dresses with tights and gelato. Hopefully soon the Naviglio will get its water back.  The end of March brings some relief as sweet April with all its goodness is on its way.  April bring Easter holiday ( me and my friends are heading to Spain) and spring picnics.  


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