Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cures for homesickness: Hot Cross Buns

Easter Monday made me miss South Africa a little bit, I missed being able to go to church, lunch with my family , those white candy and chocolate Easter eggs and Hot cross buns. Thank heavens though for a Skype talk with my parents and for the Facebook friend who sent me a recipe of Hot Cross buns. The recipe is really simple, and only takes a while because the dough needs time to rise – I altered it slightly to work for me.  My crosses failed a little bit as I don’t have one of those icing things or even a plastic bag (I read somewhere that one can use a strong plastic bag – like the ziplock ones -and make a small hole in  it ). And I spaced them too close to each other, so they didn’t maintain their nice round shapes. Regardless of the rough appearance it tasted delicious, way better than any store bought ones I’ve ever had. 


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