Monday, May 28, 2012

La bella vita

This year has already passed in such velocity that I find it hard to keep up with all the things that I need to and want to do in the time that I have left here - it includes writing anything on this blog. I have been reluctant also to write to personal things here lately, as I really don't know so much how I feel about sharing it all with strangers, and also that it would not interest people (judging from the statistics of my blog, it is not just my family reading it any more. But a few people have been sending me some worried messages after a few negative status updates on Facebook, and I have not had any time to write long letters to anyone, so I want to use this platform to send out a quick update.

Summer has arrived in Europe - albeit a very unstable one at that. It has been raining a lot this month, and we also had an earthquake (what a strange feeling to wake up and feel like you are on a boat) but the past few days have been just lovely out and I have been indulging in the things that make Italian summer wonderful.  I am still stressed because exams are right around the corner and I am still nowhere near anywhere in terms of preparation for it. Tonight however  Iv'e decided to take some time just to reflect a little bit on the things I am happy about and to breathe a little. So just as a remedy to all those who always here me complain about everything, here I list a few of the things I absolutely love about my life right now. 

I have handed in a thesis proposal on Friday which is a huge relief for the moment.

There are two things Italians are the best in making;  gelato and cappuccinos. Really there is no better pick me up then these. I would recommend people to come to Italy even just for these two things. 

Italian cooking. I learnt how to make eggplant parmegiano last week from one of our classmates. It was delicious. 

Cheap wine. In Italy you can still get a good wine even if it is cheap. In South Africa buying cheap wine is usually a bit of a gamble, you either end up with some good wine or really really bad wine. Here though, one can be sure of wine still being absolutely drinkable at 3 euros per bottle. (Sometimes even less if you find it on sale in the supermarkets).

Travel, It is so easy to travel from here. I am heading to Paris this weekend. I am so excited

I have great opportunities ahead. Going to take part in a program at the Dokumenta in Kassel. I am super super lucky. 

I have amazing friends all over the world. That makes me rich.

Lastly, I love these summer nights, they buzz, people are outside and the sun goes down late. Makes you feel like there are more hours in the day and when the sun sets it cools down a little and some nights you can even see two stars.


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